Re-inspired anew

Designing more jewelry, re-inspired from the night before.

Haven't touched this blog in a while but saw this video and wanted to document the moment.  It feels like I'm encountering what I need right now... including this documentary, "The Art of 16 Bars." More food for the course I think I was missing back in the days of my thesis. What will it inspire if anything? We'll see.

Can't Stop Won't Stop mix - East Bay Digital

Mmmph... need to get back to school. Check the Can't Stop Won't Stop mix on East Bay Digital. An audio timeline of hip hop told with words, interviews, and the corresponding music. Amazing...
via DJ Icewater

Jabbawockeez - Devastating Stereo

Jabba and the Bangerz... nice.

Under the Influence - Opening Reception

The opening reception of Under the Influence is tonight! There will be 400+ so do come early! Art, beer, beats... and book signing! So thankful to be a part of it along with:

212 Magazine, 907 Crew (UFO, SADU, DROID, Tony Bones, OZE 108 and GEN II), Ader, Antonio Kel 5MH, Alice Mizrachi, Archer, Avoid, Brian Life, CAM, Cash4, Darkclouds, Destroy Rebuild, DOMS, Don Morris, Endless Love Crew (Royce Bannon, Matt Siren, Celso, Infinity, Abe Lincoln Jr), Ellis G, Eric Jordan, FARO, Jamel Shabazz, James Blagden, James Top, Jesus Saves, Joe Conzo, John Breiner, KA, Keely, KEO, KingBee, Kosbe, Martha Cooper, Miguel Ovalle, Mike Schreiber, Moody, ONE9, Over Under, Pesu, Raid, Robots Will Kill, Rodeo, Sophia Maldonado, TMNK, Toofly, Tuxedo, URNewYork, and ViK.

Under the Influence - BKHHF Art Show

I have the great opportunity of participating in the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival's 1st Art Show this year. I'll be showing a few pieces from my thesis presented slightly differently. The show is packed with some awesome artists. A few things aren't finalized yet but I'm working towards contributing the best way I can. It's crunch time so that means I'm running around with little sleep.

But most importantly, the deets, because a show wouldn't be a show without awesome people to come check it out and that means you! Please come support the show and reception if you can!

"Under the Influence"
Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival 2011 Art Show
Celebrating the influence Hip-Hop
has had for multiple generations
within the artistic community.

powerHouse Arena 37 Main Street, Brooklyn, NY
Show open July 13 – August 7

Opening Reception Tues July 12, 6:00 – 10:00PM

The Voice - Battlefield

Final performance from Cee Lo and Vicci from The Voice... The kids killed it! So fierce!!!

Nights Like This

Caught up on some TV. This from the BET Awards... they don't make em like this no more.

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