Under the Influence - Opening Reception

The opening reception of Under the Influence is tonight! There will be 400+ so do come early! Art, beer, beats... and book signing! So thankful to be a part of it along with:

212 Magazine, 907 Crew (UFO, SADU, DROID, Tony Bones, OZE 108 and GEN II), Ader, Antonio Kel 5MH, Alice Mizrachi, Archer, Avoid, Brian Life, CAM, Cash4, Darkclouds, Destroy Rebuild, DOMS, Don Morris, Endless Love Crew (Royce Bannon, Matt Siren, Celso, Infinity, Abe Lincoln Jr), Ellis G, Eric Jordan, FARO, Jamel Shabazz, James Blagden, James Top, Jesus Saves, Joe Conzo, John Breiner, KA, Keely, KEO, KingBee, Kosbe, Martha Cooper, Miguel Ovalle, Mike Schreiber, Moody, ONE9, Over Under, Pesu, Raid, Robots Will Kill, Rodeo, Sophia Maldonado, TMNK, Toofly, Tuxedo, URNewYork, and ViK.


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