Tiling out

I'm taking a Slipcasting class this semester. I'm excited but worried since the teacher has warned that the amount of work is like a studio which means I essentially have two studios this semester and that equals a lot of work. No matter, I thrive when I'm busy so we'll see how it goes.

This first project mainly provides us practice with mold making and casting. We're to design a tile for the kitchen. Any size we want. After some ideation sketches I came up with this organic design where the tile design connects to the next to form a pattern.

I secured the blue foam model to a plexiglass base so it won't float when the plaster is poured. You can't get great detail with blue foam but it is one of the cheaper model making materials. Plus I don't need to jc (joint compound) and paint over it unlike with balsa foam. The pores in the blue foam are minimized pretty well with some fine sanding.

Part 2, Part 3


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