Fette Sau

Yummy bbq that you order by weight but they must've had a little somethin somethin (read msg) in their bbq sauce because I was so thirsty afterwards. Good stuff though! I had a 1/4 lb of pulled pork, 1/4 lb of pork belly, bread and shared the beans. The beans were good but we only got through half. The pork belly had a bit too much fat for my liking so I'd stick to the pulled pork.

As for the space... A bright neon pink sign marks their spot on the block, leading you past a row of tables towards the large garage door. The space feels like it was designed to be a casual spot to visit on a warm evening with the picnic style tables and benches, large garage door waiting to open up in warmer weather, and dim lighting. There is a bar full of beers as well. And just for the winter there was a faux fireplace going. And you can't miss the meat chart painted on the wall in case you were wondering what your cuts of meat look like.

We also picked up a vanilla cupcake from nearby Cheeks Bakery. Very cute and quaint spot that focuses on quality ingredients. The cupcakes do remind me of Magnolia's (the solo baker did work there at one point) so I wasn't that impressed. The cake was a bit dry but I'm not sure if that's normally so.


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