Anthony Thomas set it off

I've posted this before but I'm posting this again because this weekend my best friend is living the dream of many dancers out there. She's performing THE Rhythm Nation choreography for the choreographer himself, Anthony Thomas. Funny thing is that I didn't know about this performance prior to my original post. It's just the power of Anthony Thomas' choreography and Janet Jackson. I was shaking as I was applauding the performance while the crowd roared with excitement. It was such a moving moment.

I remember recording, watching and re-watching Janet's videos of the 80's and 90's... wishing to be one of the dancers. We were fanatics... we even knew some of the dancers names. I think this is what set it off and inspired many to want to become dancers. It's a beautiful full circle moment for my best friend and I'm so happy to be here to see it and so proud of her. It's a constant reminder that if you dream big, you can make it happen. But this is only the beginning...

I love the message at the end. It is what I love and miss about Janet from the Rhythm Nation days.


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