Moto-car and mo cars

1000cc Laverda motorcycle. Whoa. A motorcycle with a 2-seater side car. Interesting. I wonder how it rides though... and how about turns? Is it more like riding an ATV? A very unique design indeed. It's interesting how the M.A.S.K. team morphed the lines of a motorcycle and a car. Notice how high the rear is. Features a pretty clean interior and the very cool vertical doors... er... door. Click for more photos.

Two auto posts within a couple days? Yeah, I need my auto fix but nothing is satisfying me right now. I'm looking for something sick. Can't find anything meaner then the Saleen S7 (left) which I learned of a couple years ago. The SCC Ultimate Aero looks pretty sick in this first photo on the right though.

But though the Aero might be the fastest car, I still dig the S7 profile better (left). It's sleeker and meaner. It's the gills and the angled rear versus the Aero's vertical butt (right) which doesn't allow the eye to continue through like the S7 does.

Facing the rear, the Aero however seemed more interesting, that is until I saw the updated rear of the S7 (right). So much better. The old S7's rear (left) was too flat on all axis. The newer design smooths and rounds out all the edges, better incorporating the rear with the rest of the car and eliminates the strong horizontal lines among other things making it more dynamic. What a difference.


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