Museum Mile Stroll

Strolled Museum Mile on Tuesday with J. The rest of the gang ended up missing it. The Guggenheim was way too crowded so we skipped over to the Cooper Hewitt. Fashioning Felt was great. I've been interested in working with industrial felt for a while now. I just have to figure out a use/design and where I can get it. Designing for a Living World was ok. It reminds me of what we do at school. It was way too crowded to read the exhibit information.

Museum of the City of New York had some great photography but the Mannahatta/Manhattan: A Natural History of New York City exhibit was horrible. The Greening New York exhibit in that same space was used as an example in my exhibition design class as what didn't work. Both lacked in how information was conveyed and in a clear traffic flow.

El Museo del Barrio was strange. It's in the middle of renovation. Right now it still looks like a school with brightly colored paper and bulletin board borders. I believe it shares the space with the Boys and Girls Club as well. It sure smelled like a school gym.

Happened to find Mr. De La Vega.

So wrong...

So true and such a challenge to overcome.


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