Will blog about Ramen

Oh ramen, how I love thee... or any kind of noodles for that matter. But ramen is tops. Despite the great ramen debate amongst my friends, I still hold Santa Ramen's stewed pork tonkatsu ramen as my favorite. It's delicious simplicity in a bowl. They sometimes run out of the pork broth since they make it in small batches and the lines can get pretty crazy. Neither of which I mind since I know when to get there (weekday lunch or at opening for dinner). I did worry about the quality after their move from B St though and I will admit, it wasn't as good one time but when it's on, you'll see the bottom of my bowl when I'm done!

The popular Ippudo is a another favorite for me. It's different from Santa in that Ippudo is a yummy layering of flavors. Their pork is so tender!

How I got on this topic:
Charting America's Best Food Stops > Alltop Food > The Ramen Blog - I got very excited when I saw a blog about ramen, not the instant kind.


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