Free MoMA

Visited the Moma for Target free Fridays last week (turns out I can get into MoMA and PS1 free anyhow with my student ID I think). Looking at furniture in a museum setting and snapping away at my own pace reminded me of my study tour in Scandinavia. Food for my design soul. Here are some pieces I captured.
Saarinen Womb chair (visited the studio home Hvitträsk in Finland) and Eames folding screen

Eva Zeisel - absolutely beautiful form! Though her vision is poor she's still designing at over 100 years young!

Libro Chair - Gruppo DAM (Designer Associati Milano) This reminds me of the book concept a classmate of mine had for a chair.

Cage Sans Frontieres - The structure that is Ron Arad's exhibit

Light pattern from Even the Odd Balls? chair

Nino Rota and None Rota. One cast, one cut = two chairs, no waste!

I stick with my first assessment that much of Ron Arad's work seems more sculptural, one offs rather then practical production pieces. Not that there isn't a place for that either and not that that is all he does. I was intrigued by several pieces like Nino Rota and None Rota. It is so simple yet so smart in its design. One form and one cut makes two chairs with no waste. Each with the same seat angle and chair parts. One fluid piece forming the backrest, seat, and legs! I wonder how functional it really is though. Looks like it could fall forward with a person in it.


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