NY International Gift Fair

It's the big Gift Fair this week at the Javits Center. It is probably the largest and longest show of its kind with products from housewares, jewelry, beauty, and gift. It takes up all three levels and lasts five days (Sunday-Thursday).

I've been helping work prep for the show and will help with take down as well. It's been an interesting experience. I'm very thankful to get to see the show as an exhibitor. I've been able to walk around and check out the different companies. Some are pretty cool/innovative but others produce a whole lot of junk. As an industrial designer, it's tough to see but I suppose these companies exist because there is a market for them. Either way, this helps me get a better idea of what I want to do.

Anyhow, on to the good stuff.
Blomus (Germany) - I really dig their products. Beautiful items for the home. Simple and clean, paring down the design to its essential function without loosing the beauty of its form. Main material is stainless steel. Some of the dinnerware reminds me of Bodum.

Menu (Scandinavia) - I remember seeing this in Copenhagen. I like the clean Scandinavian aesthetic.

UO Contract (division of Urban Oasis) - Some interesting stuff. Check out the bamboo sculptures under Decorative Arts. They're insane!

I'll post more finds this week.
All images from the respective designers/companies/stores.


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