The Brooklyn Circus

I saw this on the tube today and I really dig their philosophy. The Brooklyn Circus brings the past present with sophistication, quality, and style and makes classic cool. Aiming to cross color lines and economic classes and dress young and mature alike. Also bridging the gap between the two places I call home. In fact:
"Part of our vision is making the connection between Brooklyn and San Francisco through not just Style + Character, but music as well. This Friday & Saturday, September 18th & 19th, we are doing just that as we present Talib Kweli, RES, and Graph Noble as “Idle Warship” for their first performance at Yoshi’s on Fillmore in San Francisco."
Gotta love it. Check the vid below for what BKc is all about.


Unknown said...

dood.. brookly circus and acrimony always do parties together in SF..

Vanessa C. said...

seriously?! dood i gotta talk to Sha!

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