Thanks to Shar and Dean, I luckily got a chance to catch Groovaloo before it left NY. I had almost forgotten about it.
I've noticed dance companies within the last few years, incorporating a storyline into their shows. Or maybe that's just when I started watching full shows instead of showcases. It certainly brings a more theatrical flavor to dance and works to draw the audience in. It does what theater/plays/musicals do by affecting emotions, allowing you to relate to what's up on stage. And for hip hop dance, having a full show that draws in the general public at theater prices is big!
The emergence of reality TV dance show competitions has catapulted hip hop dance to the mainstream. Finally dancers are getting the recognition for their skills and talents. No longer do they fall to the background. Dancers can finally headline shows, draw crowds and a fan-base like that of music bands! It's an insane and beautiful transition in hip hop dance. Of course with any bit of fame, comes the responsibility of knowing how to handle it and utilize it in a positive light which I think the Groovaloos have done.
In the Groovaloo show the Groovaloos educate the general public on the original styles of hip hop dance such as breakin (NY) and funk styles (CA: locking, popping), and an easy to miss, tiny bit of house (Chicago) and whacking, as well as the cipher. They share individual dancers' personal struggles and experiences through dance and spoken word, showing what dance means to him/her; that hip hop dance is a way of life, love and passion. All while showing how their lives intertwine through dance and connect them as a group called Groovaloos.
Great storyline, beautifully edited and produced. Slow start and I prefer group pieces to be a bit cleaner but really great show.


sharock said...

wow, thanks for enlightening me on the terminology. you should be a hip hop commentator.

Vanessa C. said...

haha thanks shar!

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