Stormin the King

I finally have some down time. Work and freelance gigs have been keeping me busy and tired. It's taking up more of my time then school is. We'll see how it all balances out. So, sorry I've been mia. Time to catch up...
A bunch of us headed to Storm King on Labor Day for some interactive fun. It was one of Jason's to-do's before he leaves NYC. I've been meaning to go for a couple years now as well.
It's only an hour away from the city yet it feels like you're in a different country. It reminded me a bit of Europe. Seeing the sculptures reminded me very much of my 3D classes from first year. Looking at things from all sides, proportion, curves, angles, is it dynamic? Here are some of the many sculptures and some shots of us interacting with a few pieces. Little did we know only two of them were supposed to be interactive. Oops.

Our attempt to recreate the sculpture haha. photo from Gloria

Gazebo for Two Anarchists (Siah Armajani), photo of each other taking a photo
Gazebo for Two Anarchists - Siah Armajani
Anyone catch this artist's name?
Adam (Alexander Liberman) in the background
Not the greatest shot but I really dig this sculpture. What do you see?
Reaching for Suspended (Menashe Kadishman) photo from Shar

Momo Taro (Isamu Noguchi)
One of the sculptures you can interact with. photo from Shar

... and the chickadees hatch

So much open space just an hour from NY.
Storm King Wall (Andy Goldsworthy)
Frog Legs (Mark di Suvero)


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