a Common love for The Roots of hip hop

"Does anybody like good music?
Sweet music, soul music?
You know The Roots is a group that'll choose it"
... co-curated, along with Common
at Hennessey Artistry, Wednesday.

I'm still running off the high. Like Common said, this is a once in a lifetime event. Why? Because not only were The Roots and Common performing together, which is awesome enough already, Q-Tip and wait for it...
Queen freaking Latifah performed as well! What?! Are you serious? I was there and I still can't believe it! "U-n-i-t-y!"

Man, that show was off the hook. It had me bouncing off the walls! I just couldn't believe the line-up. I had no clue walking into the event who was going to perform if at all so this was crazy! It started off slow with a couple unknown acts then, blaow!

"Hip Hop, you the love of my life." Thankful to live in "the big city of dreams" and thankful that I got to experience the event. Sharing the love for those who missed it:


joyce said...

oh, i'm jealous!!!! the roots are hands down one of the BEST hip hop artists EVER! in my opinion. ;)

Vanessa C. said...

they are pretty damn good. that just means u gotta bring the fam to ny. =) the roots are here in residence, weekly performances

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