Hip Hop in tongues

Young Kin - half Swiss, half Chinese with roots in the motherland. (Mandarin) Interesting perspective. He breaks down Chinese Hip Hop here.

Through my various tangents, I got to searching Chinese Hip Hop. Apparently a cultural anthropologist and Fulbright Scholar, Angela Steele did research on Hip Hop in China (blog here). Here is an audio of her interview with Nomadic Wax.

<a href="http://nomadicwax.bandcamp.com/track/nomadic-wax-radio-chinese-hip-hop-special-pt-1-of-2">Nomadic Wax Radio - Chinese Hip-Hop Special (pt 1 of 2) by Nomadic Wax</a>

Pretty interesting info about how hip hop came to China and the scene today. Why it's rising up seems like a very familiar story... a way of expression for the oppressed. Looking into this now is a reality check for me of how good we have it here in the states. Out of sight out of mind I suppose. I ignorantly fail to realize the strict control over music, art, literature and self expression still very much exists today. Dayam...

Another Chinese artist, Dumdue - a jazzy hip hop group (MCs, DJs, popper) and their perspective on hip hop here.


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