Knowledge, One's Perspective

Trying to be better about documenting my thesis research...
KRS-One drops knowledge about hip hop at Temple University in 2004 (video below). In hearing what KRS-One says about breaking, I take this lecture as a perspective of one person on a movement that involved a collective of people, founded by DJ Kool Herc and cultivated even further by Africa Bambaataa. Each one person who grew up during that time will have an interpretation based on what they saw and were involved with.
The connection between breakin and capoeira has been a great debate. To this day you can see the similarities but to say capoeira is the father of breaking? Not so according to OG's who were there like Crazy Legs, Ken Swift, Mr. Wiggles and Popmaster Fabel.

"Ken (Swift), however, never witnessed it: "In '78 I started (dancing) and I didn't see it [capoeira] til '92 ... I was around, too -- I was in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, I went around and I didn't see it. What we saw was Kung Fu-we saw Kung Fu from the 42nd Street theaters. So those were our inspirations..."

KRS-One: Hip Hop Beyond Entertainment @ Temple University

More... Know your roots, some serious stuff. Interview of Coke La Rock, the first MC.


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