Future of dance?

I haven't had time to watch tv lately but Hanna recommended that I look this up. Not really sure how I feel about this. Looks like LXD "futurized" popping, waving, breaking, kung-fu, and I think I saw some krumping and ballet in this performance. Made it more robotic; stripped away the grove and rawness of the dance and added a more controlled force which I think is counter to the essence of hip hop dance. But that's just my opinion. They did do an awesome job unifying the different styles of dance into their futuristic movement style (think Matrix). It's definitely great entertainment and the dancing was so clean.

Seeing this below puts it in context and makes a lot more sense to me. I'm glad Jon Chu is creating something so powerful. It's taking what Michael Jackson did much further by featuring the dancer(s) in a full storyline usually saved for films or musicals. Telling the story with dance alone is amazing. And yes, dancers are superheroes for what they put their bodies through... dancing through physical and emotional pain.

Is this the future of dance in terms of that futuristic style? I hope not. But in terms of how they're featuring dance? Hells ya! I'm for it. It's a beautiful thang. Now, will it ever have a box office draw? Maybe someday. It's slowly trying to make its way to Broadway right now so we'll see.


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