Woodshop wood chop

My return to the woodshop was good. I miss it. It's been much too long. Hopefully next semester I'll be able to make more use of the shop. Here are a few shots of my adventures in Christmas gift making. This year's gifts were a lot of work in the finishing. Here's shots of the wood choppin'.

squared off one side of the African mahogany on a jointer,
sliced it in half freehand on the bandsaw,
then evened the thickness on the planer,
then cut 2" blocks on the tablesaw 

then put the 2" blocks on a drill press w/ 1.5" forstner bit, vice and clamps (to secure it in place) and markings for the holes

then cut a different set on the bandsaw against a fence

Final product shots to come.


sharock said...

you rule!

Vanessa C. said...

ha thanks girl

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