24 Rooms in One

My bad... I've been away for much too long. Aside from spending about a month in the golden state, I have lots on my plate (including finishing up my thesis!) but I'll try my best to post whatever captures my attention. For today, it's this awesome little space in HK. Being that my apartment isn't much bigger then Gary Chang's, I'm constantly thinking about how to best arrange my space. His Domestic Transformer is an ingenious  solution though I may still feel a bit claustrophobic in the space. If you're wondering, as I did, where the toilet is... it's next to the shower on the other side of the room. See the drawing below.

I couldn't embed the video so check it here. Notice how he designed the linen closet to fit? The guest bed scares me though but very smart use of space overall. Enjoy!


joyce said...

wow!! that is sooo cool, and ingenious!! i want to live in transformer house!

good luck on your thesis!! does this mean you're almost done with school? :)

Vanessa C. said...

isn't it?!
yup! i'm in my last semester. where did the time go?!

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