Sun Dagger

My bad, I haven't posted in a week. I've been trying to push my design process since I've been stuck for quite a while due to the pressure I've been putting on myself. So I made it a point to be in the studio all of last week. Got several sketch models made and formulated a few ideas so it's going... just gotta speed it up.

The thesis topic of one of my classmate's involves time so today my professor mentioned the Sun Dagger. A genius calendar made of three stones channeling light onto a stone carving in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. It's fascinating and trippy at the same time. Do a Google Satellite Map of the canyon and you'll see the various buildings mentioned. The design of the calendar alone baffles me. You can get information based on at which point on the spiral the light hits. It's so simple yet so complex. How did they figure this all out without technology? There are so many factors involved. Plus the alignment of the buildings. I wonder how they figured out what side of the building to align and what the building shape should be. Their genius is eerie.

Start watching at 3:00 of part 2. If you want to geek out watch the entire documentary (six parts). Yup, I did.


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