3 years -> 3 shows = Done!

I don't think I can explain the insanity and chaos that was my life the last month or two so I'll just say that it involved non-stop work, my heart and soul, blood sweat and tears, and little sleep. Either way I'm done! Thesis paper submitted, walked across the Radio City stage and I have my Masters of Industrial Design diploma in hand. And to wrap up 3 years of graduate study, I exhibited in three shows. Here are some shots.

Design C.L.O.T. was an awesome effort by my classmates and I to put on our own show out of our own pockets, designing all the details for a cohesive show ourselves. Friends, family, colleagues, press and the general public were able to view the show from April 27 - May 9th at the powerHouse Arena in DUMBO Brooklyn, around the corner from BKLYN Designs. The Opening Reception on May 1st was a huge success with both floors of the show packed. Thanks to those who came to check it out! And to the graffiti heads, I forgot to mention to check out CornBread's tag in the bathroom, last stall.

My plates in the window display.
photo by hanna yum

photo by hanna yum

The Pratt Show - I'm very thankful to have had my coffee table displayed in a prime spot right in front! I received some really great feedback at Industry Night. A few people inquiring about production of some of my pieces. The difficulty will be to try to keep the momentum going.

Model Citizens NYC - This was my first chance to design my entire display. As happy as I am with how it turned out, next time I'll work in more of the story as I did at the Pratt Show. Model Citizens NYC was a really great show and great learning experience. It's great to observe other independent designers and the media and press in action.

Thanks again to all who came out! You never know what the future holds so maybe I'll exhibit again! For now I'm very thankful and blessed for all I've been able to learn and experience in the past 3 or so years. Thanks to those who have supported me and wished me well along the way.


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awesome vanessa!!! glad everything went so well, and congrats again on finishing and getting your masters! i bet it feels great!

Vanessa C. said...

thanks guys!

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