AIAIAI TMA-1 DJ Headphone

I got a chance to walk through the New York International Gift Fair this past week. As large as the show was (taking up the entire Javits Center plus Pier 94), I didn't get to walk through everything. I do wish I got to check out AIAIAI's booth more carefully. When I passed it I don't think the TMA-1 was launched yet.

Launching on the 18th, AIAIAI's latest headphone is designed with DJ's in mind. It is stripped down to its essentials and tested with about 30 DJ's and sound techs. There are several cushion options for different uses and a detachable chord. The packaging is pretty snazzy as well. What I really love is the design philosophy behind the product, timeless design that people will keep for years. Check the inside look from CoolHunting below.

"It's quit nice to find products in peoples lives that they bought many years ago. I think it's a Scandinavian way of sustainability that if we do good designs that are not right here right now, but are built on original ideas, hopefully our kids in 10 years will still think this is cool."- Lars Holme Larson. Amen to that!


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