Serenity in Spruce

I seem to have a fascination with churches... well actually of spaces that evoke such an overwhelming sense of calm, serenity, safety and peace that it brings me happiness. Many of them just happen to be churches like the beautiful Bagsværd Kirke in Copenhagen. Leave it to Scandinavia to build yet another beautifully tranquil space with the simple abundance of natural light and warmth of spruce wood. Love that sliver of window behind the alter.

Kuokkala Church in Finland by Lassila Hirvilamm Architects


sharock said...

it's funny. when i lived in copenhagen there weren't many church goers. i could see how one could be swayed to attend more if they were praying in these buildings.

Vanessa C. said...

there weren't when i was there either (we visited churches to check out the design) but they really know how make a beautifully serene space. embracing nature seems to be their forte.

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