Adam & Eve and the Empathic Civilization

A couple points boggle the mind. Gets a little deep so you are forewarned.

Jeremy Rifkin mentions how we did all come from Adam and Eve but it's not what we think. I had to look this up too but the Mitochondrial "Eve" and Y-Chromosomal "Adam" that Jeremy Rifkin talks about did not actually live in the same time period nor did they mate. Mitochondrial "Eve" lived 50,000 years before Y-Chomosomal "Adam" but the theory is that every human today can trace their mitochondrial DNA through their mothers to this one female, and all males can trace their paternal lineage to this one male. Crazy ain't it? If you're curious as to how, watch this documentary on the Y-Chromosomal "Adam".

The point was made to show how similar we humans really are. Jeremy Rifkin talks about saving our species and our planet by extending our empathy - thinking of the entire human race as our extended family, all creatures as our evolutionary family, and the biosphere as our common community. Something to think about.

RSA Animate - The Empathic Civilization


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