Mind full

We're constantly hit with distractions and attractions
Looking from this way to that
Hoping and wanting that one or this one
Wishing this would happen or that
But who makes those decisions
Who chooses to give us what we get
We do and we can
Through our thoughts and actions
We make true what is in our hearts and minds
Be it fear or love, it comes to life
Whether we realize it or not
Want it or not
What's in our inner sanctum is what comes forth
So be mindful of what you think, want, say, do
Be mindful of what your mind is full of
Be mind full instead of what is in your heart
And know that what is then there, will be what's you.

* Had the urge to take take to keyboard and type what came to my head. Not claiming it to be more then that. Thanks.


Mary said...

Good stuff V!!!

Vanessa C. said...

Just saw this. Thanks Mary!

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