Chang talks

Jeff Chang talks about his start and link with the Davis cats that eventually led to Solesides.

I miss Bay Area hip hop. I miss live hip hop. I miss venues like The Fillmore. Since I moved to NYC I haven't had much opportunity, $, and time to indulge in the underground hip hop music scene like I did back home. It's been much too long and its absence is finally taking a toll. It actually hurts that I have to miss a concert now, whether it's due to being busy with school or the lack of funds. I missed a couple this week so I was scouring the web to find others. That's how I came across this video. It's such a coincidence too since I just started reading Total Chaos. Jeff actually talks about his two books in the Part 2 video. It's pretty interesting for me since I may need to reference his expertise for my possible thesis. We'll see. Kind of exciting actually.

In the meantime, I need me some live hip hop! Got The Roots coming up but much of their newer stuff has a more rock vibe. Can't believe I had to miss Talib... painful man, painful!

Other vids: Jeff Chang on Hip Hop


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