Good food day

The title sums it up. Yummy chicken tenders (seasoned well, tender meat, and just enough crisp) from the Ikea Restaurant, surprisingly, with fries just the way I like them - crispy on the outside and smooth on the inside. All for $5. Can't beat that! Picked up some cookies I first discovered when I was in Scandinavia as well. So glad Ikea carries it. Also some roasted onions for sandwiches. Passed on the mini cinnamon rolls though this time. They were a nice treat for us in Copenhagen. Just heat them up a bit. Yum!

As for dinner, Feijoada (sausage and pork stew with beans) at Esperanto. A bit on the salty side even for me but I still enjoyed it. There was live music as well. I haven't been to Esperanto in a long while and now I remember why... it's good but pricey. Thanks to my girl for dinner and congrats!

To end the night, I had a hot vanilla drink from Dessert Club, ChikaLicious. Strong vanilla flavor with bits of vanilla bean. It was good. Just a bit too sweet to finish the whole thing though.


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