Adamo - to fall in love with

My initial reaction - a PC? Cool! But I guess there in lies the problem... that most do not think PCs look cool. Dell is trying to change that for itself and has done a pretty decent job, though there are a couple things I have a problem with so I'd have to experience it in person to see if I'd really fall in love with it.

The back section of the Adamo where the ports are located seem awkward. The Macbook Air does a better job of integrating the ports into its body (not sure about the ease of use of the flip-down door though). But the Adamo doesn't sacrifice as much on connectivity and function (it is a Dell after all). The size of the rj-45 Ethernet socket seems to be the culprit.

The touch pad doesn't do it for me either. It probably would've been better if the designers didn't try to integrate the buttons. And since the Dell photos highlight the patterned cut-out in the aluminum case, I noticed the shape of the screw in the hinge. I'd almost prefer the screw hole shape to match the square pattern or to not see a hole in the head at all. What if the screw head was square?

The screen however is amazing! I really like the keyboard as well and the integrated look of the laptop when it is opened as opposed to the Air. The color/pattern choices for the Adamo are nice as well. I'd like to see it in person to really check out the materials used and the weight of it.

Of its competitors (Air, Voodoo), I do prefer the aesthetics of the Adamo thus far.


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