Choice Eats 2009 recap

That bib says it all. I stuffed myself silly with choice eats from about a third (possibly more) of the 50 restaurants that were there. Unfortunately, there was no time for photos. We were eating one dish while already waiting in line for the next!

We hit all the places we were interested in and JaL was even kind enough to wait with me for sticky rice with mango... something I've been wanting for a while now. It took forever but we were the first ones to get it because they knew we were waiting haha. Yes, I will wait for good food!

Sharing the wealth... places I liked (and hopefully they didn't serve things extra tasty just for this event):

Baoguette (there's one on St. Marks now!) - Baoguette: saucy bahn mi with bread that won't break your mouth.
The Delta Grill - pulled pork - It was so good! Tender, sweet with lots of tasty sauce!
Mooncake Foods - The noodle dish was really good! Gotta bring me because I don't remember the name!
Dirt Candy - non-healthy vegetarian restaurant, if that made any sense. Dig their blog. The portobello mousse was really interesting. I'd be interested to check out what else they serve.


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