Light it up part 2 - Model Making

Part 1-The Design

Hand sanding forms come pretty easily to me but the size of these forms, the asymmetric nature, and complex curves made them a bit more difficult then they look. I made templates for the different "sides" but mainly relied on my eye. Forming the second model was much easier once I figured out the first. In total, it took about 16 hours of sanding if not more. Unfortunately, after all that work, the forms will likely be damaged when removed from the plaster molds. C'est la vie.

Another factor to pay attention to is that the slip (ceramic in liquid state) shrinks 10% after being fired and my design requires the two pieces to nest on each other and that the light opening be big enough for a hand to get through to change the bulb.

Furry no more

Up to 600 grit and lots of patience, a bit zen actually

I didn't want to ruin the nice round forms but I needed to make indentations for the openings so they will be cleaner and easier to cut out on the final pieces.

Foamed up around the models to get them ready for plaster. This actually took a while but I'm sure it didn't help that it was late in the night.

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