Light it up part 5 - Chopping it up!

Part 1-The Design | 2-Model Making | 3-Making the First Mold | 4-Making the Second Mold

Yesterday, I cracked open mold#1 and finished pouring mold#2. Today I opened mold#2 and sawed off chunks of the molds to help make them lighter. I don't want to have to rely on someone being in the studio to help me lift the molds every time. Each section on their own is fine but when assembled each mold is about 60lbs plus the weight of the wet slip.

The blue foam models aren't damaged too badly... The molds came out beautifully. Just needed a little bit of sanding to smooth out some bumps.

More work out for my arms. Gotta love the Japanese pull saws though.

Molds set in front of the fan to dry. I can't cast the molds until they are. The time it takes to dry is all dependent on the weather.

Part 6-Starting to Cast | 7-Cast on | 8-It's not all smooth | 9-Drill and Dremel | 10-Faster now | 11-Glazing | 12-It works!


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