Light it up part 4 - Making the Second Mold

Part 1-The Design | 2-Model Making | 3-Making the First Mold

The process took so long yesterday that I could only do one section of mold#1. Here I start on section one of mold#2 and finish sections two and three of mold#1.

The first section of mold#2 leaked too! I thought I clayed up enough but I guess the pressure was too much. It leaked so much I had to mix more plaster quick style to bring the level back up. Cleaned up the leaked plaster while it was still wet this time in hopes to minimize the damage to the model.

Soaped section one to prevent sticking before poured section two of mold#1

Voila! Now time to flip it and do section three. Mind you the plaster is still wet so it's heavy! This class is my work out for the semester.

Flipped and ready for soap.

Carved keys into the plaster so I can align the sections easily.

22 oz of water, 60 lbs of plaster, days, and a very dirty V with painfully dry skin later (plaster sucks moisture out of all that touches it)... Mold#1 is complete!

Part 5-Chopping it up! | 6-Starting to Cast | 7-Cast on | 8-It's not all smooth | 9-Drill and Dremel | 10-Faster now | 11-Glazing | 12-It works!


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