Light it up - The Design

Our main project in Slipcasting class is a design for the kitchen. I decided to make a hanging light fixture. It took me a while to decide on my design but I worked it out in clay to figure out the form. This idea stemmed from ideation sketches playing with similar lines from my shower curtain alternative and tile designs. It eventually involved the idea of yin yang and went from vertical to a more horizontal abstraction of yin yang. Wow, nerd talk.

Clay form study/sketch model

Each of the two models started with glued up layers of blue foam.

Furry little friend. Almost there...

Next: Part 2- Model Making | 3-Making the First Mold | 4-Making the Second Mold | 5-Chopping it up! | 6-Starting to Cast | 7-Cast on | 8-It's not all smooth | 9-Drill and Dremel | 10-Faster now | 11-Glazing | 12-It works!

Yup, this is a long process but hopefully this will help explain part of what I do and why it's so time consuming! Hope you enjoy it! This is just one of my four classes this semester.


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