Light it up part 9 - Drill and Dremel

Part 1-The Design | 2-Model Making | 3-Making the First Mold | 4-Making the Second Mold | 5-Chopping it up! | 6-Starting to Cast | 7-Cast on | 8-It's not all smooth

Drilling and Dremeling holes for the support and electrical wires. Would've been easier to do during the greenware stage but forgot.

Phew! It didn't crack.

Spraying on the clear glaze. Gotta wear a mask!

1st set glazed and ready to be glaze fired.

Smoothing out the inside since I want to add color for the next set.

Roughed up to make joining easier, will join during the glaze phase. Set#1 was joined during the bisque fire phase (stronger).

Set #2 ready for bisque firing

Part 10-Faster now | 11-Glazing | 12-It works!


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