SYTYCD Season 5

A dance teacher whom I took classes from was on season 1 of SYTYCD. That's the only season I've been able to catch until now. And while I don't know how seasons 2, 3, and 4 were, I will say this season is looking promising. One of the best tonight I think was the last couple doing the samba. Wade Robinson's choreo actually surprised me.

This might be my favorite of the night. Napoleon and Tabitha's choreo is awesome, amazing musicality, and the ending is just too cute. They danced it well and to Ne-Yo... There's just something about dancing to his songs.

I've started to check out some of the previous seasons I missed. Here are a few I like. The Katee chick rocked it the hell out in this one. The movement and lines of her legs and feet are amazing. It starts 1/3 of the way in.

I'm seriously digging lyrical "hip hop". The section where he manipulates her movements (around 1:15) is pretty sick.

I don't really understand contemporary dance but this is powerful.

Beautiful sequence.


sharock said...

umm, where were you last night? lol. i was late getting home so thanks for posting nap and tab's routine. i agree with you on salsa and wade. he one of my fav choreographers along with mia. oh man, you know chelsie was in this season dancing with the stars. and lacey too. i HATE her.

Vanessa C. said...

haha sorry. i had dinner with a classmate and actually missed the first couple. next week though! interesting. were they contestants or just doing a demo?

sharock said...


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