Moved by movement

No words just tears, for so many different reasons.

This is why I love dance. This is why I dance, at least when I dance at home. I can express so much more through dance then I can with words. It's like reaching into my soul. But I'm not a dancer. I don't do moves. I just feel the music that runs through me or express the emotions that I'm feeling. It soothes my soul and I'm so thankful to be able to experience it.

Tonight's SYTYCD Tyce Diorio's piece, performed by Ade and Melissa to Maxwell's This Woman's Work, was about breast cancer. Like I said, tears for so many reasons which I won't get into.

I was also moved by Travis Wall's choreography and Jason and Janine's performance from last week. It was so raw and honest in the way emotion was expressed through dance and the interaction between the dancers. There are so many moments in the piece that got me either for how the movement captured the emotion or for the movement itself.


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