Foodie day 1 with family

My folks are in town this weekend so you know there's going to be a lot of food involved. My day started with a lobster roll from BK Flea with the girls. It was good but not $13 good... luckily I shared. The lobster was fresh and tender though.

View at BK Flea - Ted Allen was sitting in front of us. My 2nd time running into him in the hood.

Pit at Asian Hot Dogs

Then I met up my folks, uncle and his fam for Ippudo. I can't seem to please my folks with what I do whether the apartment or my chair etc. (frustrating) but I think I have a better shot with my food choices. Ordered one of each of the Shiromaru Hakata Classic, Akamuru Modern, and Tori Ramen. Pops told me to choose for him so I had him try the Akamuru modern first and he really liked it. He killed the bowl. I think moms still likes Santa Ramen better since the broth is not as heavy. I also had them try the pork buns which they really liked. I should have them try Momofuku as well.

For dinner, my uncle took us to Imperial Palace in Flushing. We had about 10 dishes. It was a madhouse. The standout dish for me was the crab sticky rice. So good steamed with bamboo leaves and whole crab legs. Kept seeing them come out of the kitchen. The rest of the meal consisted of jellyfish with pickled vegetables (pickled veggies, yum!), fried seafood fritter, dau miu (pea sprouts) with garlic, ong choy (water spinich) cooked with shrimp paste, fried tofu with salted egg yoke, squid with vegetables, clay pot chicken, roasted chicken, and a whole steamed fish (one of the two ways I like my fish, the other being raw).

I forgot to snap a picture of the insanity that was dinner but I got a few shots of the ramen from lunch.


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