Foodie day 2 with family

Today started with dim sum at East Ocean Palace in Forest Hills. One of the great things about dim sum is the variety. Even better is when a restaurant makes the more rare dishes like turnip pastry. It didn't quite compare though to what my mom and I had in Hong Kong. It wasn't as light and flaky.

My folks and I then checked out Wicked but not before getting stuck in the Dominican Republic parade. I've been wanting to see Wicked for a long while now so I'm happy I got the chance to check it out. It was a really great show. The "Wicked" witch's voice is amazing. I thought it was interesting how how the "wicked" witch was actually the one with good intentions and was just misunderstood, and the "good" witch actually had the ill intentions.

After Wicked, we had dinner at Megu. I recommend the crispy asparagus and the Wagyu sirloin from Japan. The batter of the crispy asparagus tastes just like my favorite Japanese rice cracker. So good but so crunchy that I scratched up my throat and lost my voice once haha.

Tuna and avocado with wasabe soy dressing and thin rice cracker

Scallops with wakame in garlic butter sauce - so good!

Silver cod miso skewer

Hennessy flambe of the tuna and sirloin

Wagyu sirloin from Japan - I don't get this chance often so I tried it. It was so tender. No allergic reaction so that's good.

Chutoro Tuna Steak

bite of tuna

Spicy seared salmon belly sushi

We ended the night with brioche bread pudding (my fav), chocolate pudding, and the caramel cupcake from Dessert Club Chickalicious.


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