I like therefore I make

For me, that applies toward food as well as design.
Periodically, I get into cooking phases. I've even attempted to hand make noodles before.
Recently, I've been cooking to procrastinate haha. Here's what I've whipped up.

Poke - inspired by my recent Hawaii trip. Used salmon since the tuna at the store didn't look so fresh.

Inari, tofu pocket stuffed with sushi rice. Finally found tofu pockets that don't have msg. I used to make this in college, minus the seaweed.

Vegetarian pho using my slow cooker. Thanks Joyce for the recipe! Look at all them onions. My apartment smelled like onions and star anise for days!


joyce said...

lol...what's so bad about that? :P okay, now you've got me craving tofu pockets...do you know if they're deep fried? i always thought they were so i never bought them.

sharock said...

omg v, you just made me crave a midnight snack.

Vanessa C. said...

nice! snack away! it is fried tofu pockets but not deep fried. they're not crispy. they come moist in a container. hopefully that works!

joyce said...

okay, one more question. :) do you do anything to your rice before you stuff the pocket? like make it sushi rice (vinegar, mirin, etc)? i'm going to the korean market tomorrow and i'm gonna see if they sell some tofu pockets with no MSG! :)

Vanessa C. said...

yup yup! i definitely flavor it like sushi rice. good luck! wish i could remember the brand and where i found it but it's definitely not canned.

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