Chinese fried chicken

I was craving fried chicken from my favorite spot back home, San Tung. Since that's a 6 hour flight away I decided to attempt to make something close to it.

Shandong cuisine is one of eight cuisines that make up Chinese food. Cantonese food from the southern part of China is what I believe most are familiar with. I tend to like northern (Shanghainese and Shandong) food better but that may be because I have it less often.

Anyhow, on to the chicken... I started out flouring the diced chicken (flour, salt, pepper, corn starch). I like the diced version better as oppose to wings... more batter and sauce per bite haha.

Boiled the sauce (garlic, ginger, soy sauce, vinegar, brown sugar, honey, chili flakes and added a bit of mirin) and reduced it to a sticky consistency. Mmm...

Fried the diced chicken, twice for crispiness. Frying is a mess! Feels like grease is floating around the apartment.

Mixed with the sauce.

Best eaten with rice and some scallions. Yum!

I gotta work on the batter and the retaining the moisture of the chicken but not bad for my first try. Quite happy with the sauce. Now to make some herbal soup of offset the fried goodness.


michelle said...

yummy! yummy!

Vanessa C. said...

thanks! :) it was actually much better the next day. the sauce seeped into the batter a bit to give it the moisture like San Tung's chicken.

sharock said...

i used to live a block from san tung. dude, vanessa you are making me miss sf. san tung vs. bon chon. who wins?

Vanessa C. said...

san tung for sure

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