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The credit for this one goes to my mom haha. She sent me a link about Google's offices. I remember the dot com days of work place cafeterias, company paid drinks and snacks, and other perks. During my temp days, I experienced a few perks like Genentech parties which always included free food, booze, activities and one party in particular where Earth Wind and Fire performed. But when the dot com bubble bursted, if the company didn't fold, much of the amenities were slimmed down. Google, however, seems to have been able to maintain its comfortable work lifestyle.

The picture above is of Google's on site massage services. I really like how the white gravel is inset into the floor and its negative shape is outlined by the curtains forming the oval space of the massage room. The warm wood, soft fabric, and predominant rounded shapes soothe as opposed to square angular rooms.

Below is the decompression capsule which looks, to me, a bit like Pac Man mid bite and you're lunch. Seems claustrophobic so I wonder what happens in there that de-stresses you.

Here is an indoor slide to quickly get from one floor to the next. They have fireman poles too. Looks like so much fun! Would love to have one in my workplace. Just hope no one is looking if you crash land. I wonder how they take care of the liability issue.

This is awesome. Communication pods for your personal matters. It's amazing that the company acknowledges and respects its employees enough to know that sometimes, you just gotta take care of something when you're at work. After all, most other businesses do only operate in the daytime as well.

And who doesn't need a drink when getting their computer fixed?

By valuing their employees and embracing rather then suppressing the nature of its employees, Google seems to be getting it right with a pretty high retention rate I believe.


sharock said...

i'm skeptical of the google culture though i also envy the perks. maybe my envy is in play a little, but i question creating an atmosphere where everything is available for you in the workplace. i think it's uber important to go outside those confines to clear the head.

Vanessa C. said...

i agree. but i think a lot of companies hole up their employees as is and providing environmental creative inspiration and convenience is a far better approach. i don't work there but i would think this setting actually gives employees a feeling of freedom rather then confinement. if they prefer to leave or work outside of the office they could. i believe they get paid to telecommute.

joyce said...

haha, you know why they do this right?? so their employees will work their tails off for 12+ hours a day and not complain cuz there are so many ways to relax and regroup before going back to work!!! but i do miss those dotcom days and the crazy perks...

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