Milk that glue

Sorry... I've been pretty busy if you couldn't tell by my absence but I'll leave you with this interesting tidbit of the day (more about what I'm working on will come soon).

Have you ever wondered why there's a cow in the Elmer's glue logo? Well according to my professor it's because glue used to be made from milk. That's right milk. The white stuff you put in your cereal. Don't believe it? I didn't either but looked it up. I still wasn't sold but take a look at Elsie the Cow in the Bordon's logo, yes the milk company. Borden's time line states that Elmer is Elsie's husband. Interesting. Maybe this will help reassure those who ate paste when they were a kid haha. Don't worry, I didn't but at our school we made "skin" with our Elmer's. You know... put a layer on your hand, dry and peel. Ok maybe that was just us.

Oddly enough Elmer's glue is sometimes used as milk in food pictures.

Alright, back to work. Prepping to have my table top bent!


joyce said...

lol...i totally remember making glue skin!! fun times. :P i also remember when we were out of glue, my mom would make me use sticky rice, haha!!

Vanessa C. said...

lol! awesome! the many uses of rice... gotta love mama's ingenuity.

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