Thesis - part 3 - mold complete!

More hacking up of wood (MDF to be exact):
Made a few dado cuts (not dido which is what I kept saying for some reason haha) on the base to inset the ribs (profile pieces) into and cut a few cross pieces on the table saw. It's a much nicer and safer table saw then the previous years with a sliding table.

Setting the ribs into the base.

Inserting the cross pieces into the notches I had cut in the ribs.

Securing the vertical cross pieces with glue and screws from one side.
This mold will go inside a vacuum bag with 360 degrees of pressure
so the crosspieces ensure the mold doesn't collapse on itself.

Flip the mold over to glue and screw in the base. 
Thankfully my classmate was helping me because this thing is heavy and big!

Flip back over and add the flat surface pieces.
I'll nail-gun them in when the shop opens back up again.

Phew, done! Now to wait until next week to actually make the table top. Yup, all that work was just for the mold!


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