Thesis part 4 - Bending Prep

This was a bit of a challenging week but the wood for my table is finally in the bending process as we speak! But no celebration yet. There are still a lot of variables to figure out for this table plus 3 other designs to work out.

Here's the prep of the wood and tweaks to the mold:
Used the nail gun to secure the two flat pieces to the top of the mold. Pretty scary being that the nails are two inches long and use compressed air to shoot them into the wood. Got to be careful where you place your hands.

Added more cross pieces to the smaller parts of the ribs so they won't break under pressure.

4' x 8' sheets of poplar

Vertical panel saw to cut down my material. Since the poplar has flex it took two of us to properly feed it through the table saw afterwards, bending the poplar at one end so the feed end would be flat. It reminded me of cutting the legs of my chair in Copenhagen.

Aside from those cuts and lifting the 4' x 8' sheets of materials, I've done the cuts, lifting, and transporting of materials myself. My dad would be proud.

Photos of the bending to come.


joyce said...

you must be getting one heck of a workout!!

Vanessa C. said...

for sure! or killing my back haha. my whole body is gonna need some tlc after this.

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