Baby Bogaloo & B-boy Bailrock

I'm in awe. Check out Baby Boogaloo. He's 5 years old but he's been dancing even earlier then that. He freestyles, knows routines, dances to the beat and music, and gets down! What?! Son of Wildchild (Jack Brown) from the Lootpack Crew. He knows how to pop, lock, break, and krump according to the Ellen interview. And I guess he can even rap! I wouldn't be surprised if papa's got him learning the tables and graffiti writing soon too.

B-boy Bailrock (age 9) is crazy awesome as well. Apparently they are on America's Got Talent. Check out Future Funk. Love the name. They're so cute!


joyce said...

omg...that was insanely adorable!!!

Vanessa C. said...

i know! had me going "ahh" and "awe" and several moments of disbelief. insane!

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