WOD NY 2010

I was able to catch this year's World Of Dance competition in NY and I was pretty impressed. Due to the venue there wasn't a b-boy/b-girl battle this time but there was the main choreography competition which my friend Dennis helped judge. I wanted to check it out since I missed it last year.

There were 40 plus performances with Celebrity and Exhibition teams (many from ABDC) scattered amongst Competition teams so it's difficult to keep track of it all. Of the ones I did catch, I thought The Family stood out. They got third place. I missed the 1st and 2nd place teams but caught the videos. Props to the 1st place Psyde Project for continuing on so cleanly when their music cut out. All the flips and tricks definitely carried the crowd appeal.

The 2nd place, Static Noyze, was a-ma-zing. There was too much of the same music, same moves, walking transitions, and abruptly mixed music that dominated throughout the night so Static Noyze was definitely a stand out... a cohesive theme, music that blended well, moves that translated the music and told the story. It was so artistic and so well done. It wasn't about the music, it wasn't about the moves. You paid attention to the story and how beautifully they told it.

Blue Print, Poreotix and other crews from the latest season of ABDC were some of the Celebrity performers. And while Jabbawockeez didn't perform at the NY WOD, they did at WOD in Pomona, CA. I can't get enough of this performance. I didn't think they could get any crispier or cleaner but they did. So much so I almost wonder if it's a video effect. Even when they're all doing different moves, they look amazingly clean. They've mastered performing on stage. They think of every detail - notice KB puts down the air guitar (0:52). Love SwaggerBoy's groove starting at 1:40. The Gibberish section was so hot, cute, and funny. And 5:28 kills me every time! Check out part 1 here.


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