BBC Genius of Design and Le Corbusier's secret

Both Esin and Alex have posted this video on fb. Being that the still image to the video link was folded TP, I avoided viewing it until today. I'm wary of design as a trend, designers as stars, and the blind following of what's "cool." Pardon my French, but I don't want to encourage any more design shit then what is currently in existence. The last design film Objectified disappointed me (my objections here) but so far I'm pretty happy with the content of the Genius of Design series. It would be a good video accompaniment to my History of Design course at Pratt. Makes me appreciate my schooling that much more.

The beginning gives you a brief peek at the many hats designers have to wear. For an independent industrial designer tack on branding, marketing, PR, graphic design, and business manager to name a few and you can see how overwhelming it can all be. Unfortunately they don't teach you the other hats in ID school.

Anyhow, I digress. Class is in session: (Doh video has been removed. Will update if I find another link. Purchase here or here.)

Episode 2 digs even further.
To add, Le Corbusier's design secret is Charlotte Perriand. Not so much a secret for those in the industrial design world but by some she gets little to no mention in regards to her contribution to Le Corbusier's most famous furniture pieces. Perriand is a lesser known designer in the day of a male dominated field (it still is). Le Corbusier's response during their first job interview was, "We don't embroider cushions here." He later had to retract his words as he realized her talent and hired her. She went on to help him and his cousin Pierre Jeanneret design the Chaise Lounge, Grand Comfort Chair, and "For Conversation" armchair which are some of Le Corbusier's more famous designs. Whether Perriand was even more involved in the designs then people know is still up for debate but the credit certainly does not go to Le Corbusier alone.

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