Levi Maestro - years younger but wiser then most

I don't remember how I came upon Levi Maestro but it's been a while since I watched his videos. He's an old soul in a young dude's body. He's wiser then most people I know, fully comfortable in his skin, stays true to himself knowing what he wants and working hard to get it. In this video he talks about authenticity and going for what you want.

Amen, amen, amen! I could not agree more. There's a reason why you won't hear me say I'm jealous of something and why I dislike it when people say they're jealous of me. Don't be! That just tells me you're not happy with something in your life. Go and get what you want. That's all I'm doing. And I'm fully aware that the only person getting in the way of my happiness is me! So yes, the only person getting in your way is you and your fears. It is only as tough as you make it out to be. I still find times where I make it tough for myself but I eventually get over it otherwise I wouldn't be where I am. The greater the risk and the harder you work, the more rewarding it'll be.

A lack of authenticity is one of my pet peves. Sorry to be so harsh but people need to stop jocking other people's nuts! The only way to find your happiness is to figure out who you are and what makes you happy! Have the confidence to know that you don't need other people to validate what you like. It's cool to you and that's all that matters. That's my approach to life and my approach to design. It takes work to get there but it feels oh so good when you're there. Not to say it doesn't take work to maintain it but it's so worth it.

And by all means, don't compare, compete, imitate others. It's a lonely game to play, especially because you're the only one playing it. Just be you.

Here are the quotes from Maestro that I like:
"When people tell me 'You're so lucky. I wish I traveled as much as you.' I'm just like yo, I'm not stopping you. Go get it!"

"There's people who try to recreate authenticity. And there's creators of authenticity. You have the originals and then you have the people that see them and just try to be them. Some people only have that weak will to only want to repeat it. They don't want to be themselves and proudly create something even better."

"Saying imitation is the highest form of flattery is just an excuse to make someone feel good."


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