Area table design

I had the great benefit of working on a themed table design at work. The New York Times asked my boss to design one of their tables for the DIFFA Dining By Design fundraising event for AIDS prevention. It runs in conjunction with the Architecture Digest Home Show at Pier 94. It was several weeks of prep work including a couple 10 hour days. It was tedious but rewarding and I was thankful to put my industrial design skills to use on this project. What follows are some detail/process shots of the mini beds. Items I worked on: the mini beds and newspapers, fabric squares, platforms, and set-up of the space. Enjoy! Click here for final photos of the table design by Area.

1/16th scale of the Area Bruno bed designed by Anki Spets and Magnus Lundstrom.

Bed pieces cut to size and ready for assembly.

I made the hardware by hand with wire. Tedious attention to detail needed to ensure the "legs" are the same height.

I made a small hole in the wood for more stability to place and glue each piece of hardware.

Mini bedding and clay figure by my co-worker Karen and boss Anki.


joyce said...

omg can i commission you to build some doll furniture for my little girl's future dollhouse?!?!

Vanessa C. said...

haha sure. just let me know. :)

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