The Bay is Waacking

When I was back home the beginning of this year, I was able to support the first day of my best friend's waacking intensive. It'd been her wish to cultivate a waacking community in the Bay Area, our hometown. She took her mission very seriously, doing the research and interviewing og's so she could get the history straight.

It was a beautiful event filled with warm positive open energy. The perfect setting to learn, let loose and find yourself in the dance. No judgments, just dance. And from my experience, if you want a style of dance that's freeing, this is it. It's an amazing release... sassy and fun as well for the ladies and the fellas!

Check out this vid by Funk'd up TV documenting the beginnings of the Bay Area Waacking movement. So proud of her and so great to see the community come alive! And it's only just begun so keep a look out for more events. And if you don't know what waacking is, she breaks it down for ya in the video.

Waaacking/Punking workshop intensive by Tiffany "Jimini" Bong January 3-8, 2011 at City Dance, SF.

Check the super fun and fierce battles here. They only learned the style in a few days!


joyce said...

that is soooo cool!! i totally remember her and thinking what a great dancer she was. best of luck to tiffany! if i could dance i would try waacking, but these days my dancing skills are limited to jumping around to yo gabba gabba with my 2.5 year old, haha!!

Vanessa C. said...

thanks! haha... hey that works too. as long as everyone has fun! :)

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